Trading 212: How to Trade with the Free App

Download trading 212's free app on your mobile device now. With new charting features, indicators, and drawings. Have a look at what opportunities this presents a chart analysis one on the go.

To start, just log in with your email and password to see the full charting features, then open the menu and go to the chart view and you can feel the smooth charging engine means you can go back and forth and scale the chart to your liking.

Tap on the icons to see the different types of charts such as the candlestick chart, the heikin-ashi, and bar chart. Easily change the time period, choose from several time periods available to go from one minute to one week, tap to the last icon to bring up on drawings; lines, Fibonacci tools, shapes, and polylines.

To create a trendline, simply select the trendline, place it on the chart and drive. Once you're done and if you're not happy with it, you can move it around to place it exactly where you wanted.

Customize all drawings easily by changing the style or color. Set support and resistance lines by choosing the horizontal line. To delete them, simply select and go to the bin. And there are also some of the best tools also like Swarm Intelligence Review we have used the software this is will be the best software for ever in the Binary Softwares, No software can beat the Swarm Intelligence binary software, The Swarm Intelliegence is best software to start trading, Start your binary options trading with this best software. BTW we at love Swarm Intelligence, We are sure you will also love this tool. Happy Binary Trading.

Apart from lines, you can also use Fibonacci tormes. We can place a Fibonacci arc to see where the price will most likely bounce-back. Use shapes to highlight certain sections of your chart.

Add indicators from graph icon, they're organized into categories. The most popular ones at the top followed by oscillators, trends, volatility, and ovens.

Let's go ahead and place in our RSI or Relative Strength Index indicator on the chart that can help determine the trend and time entries. Tap add or change parameters to suit your trading strategy you can now identify areas that are potentially overbought or oversold.

Here's what a simple moving average would look like on your chart you can delete indicators one by one by simply tapping on the egg shape or you can delete them all at once.

Download trading 212 mobile app and start with a free 10,000 pounds practice account. We wish you successful.